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The International Dementia Conference Series (IDCS) has rapidly evolved into a mentorship program focused on nurturing the next generation of dementia scientists. Our core values are excellence, diversity, and innovation. The program is an ever-evolving project where everyone, from undergraduate to emeritus, is invited to participate and contribute.  


Experienced investigators are invited to elaborate on the most pressing problems in neurodegeneration and devise solutions thereby encouraging collaboration among student groups. The generosity of the scientists in our community also enables one-on-one mentorship. 

This platform facilitates the interactions between trainees and high caliber scientists in the form of a lecture series.


This series aims to embody the translational nature of research by bringing together specialists in in vitro studies focused on understanding individual biological constituents of disease, in vivo studies whereby these individual constituents are studied in the context of model organisms of disease, and in clinical studies where we find emergence of these constituents in humans affected by disease.

This level of communication across the hierarchy of research environments will be a crucial component towards finding lasting solutions.


The sustainability of this project comes from the synergy between: Inspiration from the late career and Enthusiasm from early career scientists.

Amyloid Beta Series

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